My Story


Maureen Sutherland is the Co-founder and Content Writer for a website that

was first launched in 2015 for the purpose of Church Community Fundraising.


She is a Barbadian born Graphics Artist, residing in St Vincent since 1975 where their five

children were all employed in the family Graphics business after graduating from school. (3 boys and 2 girls)


This business known as Multigraphics became a household name in St Vincent between the years

of 1986 and 2014 and is currently a prosperous division of a large successful Corporation.


She is currently passionate about utilizing her God-given talents during this challenging time to help others

towards harnessing the power of their minds in order to maintain focus and ensure success in their life’s goals.  

This journey begins with the conscious dismissal of fear and anxiety in favor of acquiring a prosperous, productive mindset.


Revenue from this website helps to keep her alive and will soon be providing lucrative employment for her two

grandchildren (2020 Graduates) as well as two other highly talented Vincentian youths. (Web designer and Photographer)