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Seasplashsvg is a St Vincent-based E-commerce website which allows schools, churches, youth groups etc to raise funds for any cause.

In 2016 to the present we are ranking 1st on Google and Bing Search Engines and companies from 50 countries have requested advertising space on Seasplash website and on LinkedIn we currently have 579 followers.

We have created a fundraising campaign for St. Vincent’s band known as Dynamix.

Dynamix is a St. Vincent based musical group made up of 10 talented young people between the ages of 13 and 28.  They share a passion to be together, create quality music and captivate any audience they are privileged to perform for.

Formed in 2015, they were inspired by a popular musical group of high school teenagers called Lemonade Mouth.

The band’s initial mission was to produce good quality music and become in demand to perform for regional/ global audiences.

Since then Dynamix has had public recognition playing at various community events.

They received high accolades early in 2017 when they performed in Barbados for a universal audience.

They started 2018 with a bang, performing at a top flight event in Barbados on New Year’s Day (Caribbean Medley).

Buy or subscribe to support this talented group. Following is a list of items for which funds are urgently needed:
Percussion set                          Mike stands
Guitar stands                           Monitors
Speakers                                  Distortion pads
Congo drums                            Microphones
Mixer board


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